Who we are

Kidzcradle Preschool happens to be the ultimate platform of an aspiring vivid future of every child who becomes a member and an active contributor to the KidzCradle family, as we believe every child has a unique ability to positively affect the growth of the foundation with their own existence, innocence and ability.

KidzCradle is that option without a second guess which proudly possesses the power to nurture, empower and become the very leading causeway to your child’s sparkling future.

Here is a consolidated overview of our journey and achievements, our family of innocent bright and futuristic minds and our dedication towards paving their path to success which may give you a gist of what would be extensively benefited by your child

Upcoming Events

A very good morning to all present here today accompanying us at our very first Annual day, organised by the KIDS CRADLE team headed by our founder and principal Miss Fathima.

We will now give you all a sneak peek into our most cherished memories made over the past year.

Orientation day.

What better start to the year then an Orientation day which give us an opportunity to interact with the parents and grow their trust in our foundation.

Red day.

We tag this day as the Red Day which had a hidden motive of enlightening the children with the concept of “Colour identification” having them all dressed in red, introducing them to various fruits and vegetables of the same colour.

Independence Day-A day which grows the urge of patriotism in all and unites us all verges us to make our kids develop the same love and commitment towards our country. Here we had them all dressed as our honorable freedom fighters, giving the kids a sense of our historical victory.

Ganesh Chaturti.

Here comes the day Ganesh Chaturthi which taught the kids to respect and cherish the diversity found in the diverse country as India and celebrate with one another.

Grand Parents Day.

The bond kids share with their grandparents and vise versa is inevitable and as we believe the purest of al, whyl we just could not miss an opportunity to capture their candid moments together filled with immense joy and satisfaction. A day dedicated to a child within them.


Teachers day.

Now was the time these Little ones made it special for us-the teachers, with their naughty giggles and overwhelming excitement of yet another celebration,leaving us thoughtful about our occupation- Truely what we feels is heartwarming. We exist because they exist 🥰

Fancy dress day

This was our attempt to get their creative minds speaking which also made us aware of the power of imagination each one of them had leaving us mesmerized at what this day turned out to be.

Sports day.

We strongly believe in providing the kids with over all development both mental and physical while helping them grow self confidence and challenge individual potential as they learn the art of team work.

Principal's words

Welcome to KidzCradle Pre School once a dream now a delightful reality.My urge to nurture and educate young minds, who would build a better world, a better society tomorrow drove me to become the founder and principal of KidZCradle.

Kidzcradle has always been a family why here the ultimate focus is to achieve the goal of being United as we focus upon “We” above “I” in order to signify the ongoing commitment of developing and modelling good character and citizenship traits.

We believe in providing exposure through various means focusing upon wide variety of areas to promote ongoing learning in every child’s everyday at school.We emphasize on the overall development of a child’s attitude and skills of giving it all even when it seems impossible.

As every child walks in with its own unique experience and lesson to teach, KidzCradle has something unique for each one of them in return,from abacus to spacious classrooms and play areas, to tutions to day Care, from spoken English classes to dance classes for the young ones, to NTT(Nursery teacher training) for old influences our teaching Union.

KidzCradle comes with countless opportunities of learning and growing while having fun. Through Special Clubs to mould their character and skills to give it find direction,Fun days,Celebration day,Trips Physical Education Sessions and Field Trips.All to promote the concept of try and learn.

What parents say

Innovation lounge

Parallel to the daily schedule,we offer our kids with opportunities to discover themselves and hunt for their hidden talents within,while each one of them tries to better themselves at something raw- something challenging, moulding their skills and character as we watch them enjoy and cherish their experience while having fun.

We here engage our children into various activities both digital and physical which develop their logical and reasoning skills and enhance the ability of critical thinking. This benefits the child’s overall development as it helps and challenges their potential to concentrate and to remain focused for a longer period of time. And continues to benefit them in the longer run as they compete with themselves and conquer the world out there.

Our Teaching Union!

Kidzcradle has a team of enthusiastic well trained responsible teachers to rightfully shoulder the responsibilities of providing every child with a happy and a purposeful environment. The primary motive of each teacher here is to be the friend every child looks for or in it’s guiding figure, while they become the motivation for raw minds full of curiosity and endless capabilities.

We have our pillars to success and brighter tomorrow laid upon the concept of holistic development of each child, where our teachers play the responsible role of providing the same. there remains complete transparency between the child and the teacher and between the child’s parents and the teacher in order to analyse the statistical growth of the child and work towards improving the same. Here every child is closely monitored and assessed in both formal and informal way.

KidzCradle also provides an NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) program/training exposure to all other aspiring teachers out there who wish to build their careers in the field of education and benefit the early life of a young one.


Preschool timings- 930pm-2pm.

Office timings- 9am-8pm.

Tuition- 4pm-8pm classes 0-10.

Spoken English classes- monday-friday 5pm-6pm.

Abacus learning classes-weekly once 430-630.

Daycare with food- 830am-730pm.

Dance classes- weekly 3 classes 6pm-7pm.

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